Esther Poppe (b. 1977, Frankfurt)

´pleasure park´ dedicated to M.B.


My practice takes the smallness of an intimate space, the domestic to relate back to the question of what a meaningful work of art actually is. 

The practice traces the labor of patience and circles around the automatisms that become the daily routine of household duties. There is an excitement of staying home. Escaping the antagonisms that force the divided into the feminine and the masculine, dividing the the duties, the pleasure echoing the lack of privacy. 

The daydream fantasy the glitch of light - women leave their performative traces in the city


The Pleasure of domestic practice   - shopping list - laundry - collect - cleaning - ,make things smell good - decorate - hang the washing to dry - scent - to please - put it together - place it in the cupboard - 

care - watching  - watching the hands of labour - year of labour - draw a circle of how things are done


hearing the pots rattle 


asking others to run the earns 

gather supplies 

turning it into (a) textures stitched with love notes

 © 2018 by Mustafa Boga