Jojo Taylor (b.1919, London)

Foreign Body


Since my arrival in Turkey I have been moved by the warmth of the Turkish people and its sonic soundscape. It is an interesting experience to be a foreigner in a country I have never visited before. I am as curious about Turkish culture as they seem to be about me: a foreign body exploring Adanas streets. We gaze at each other, sometimes try and communicate and are curious of one another.


Foreign bodies can be curiosities and I explore this notion further during a series of planned works mainly set in public spaces, including my performance singing to passers by whilst dressed in costume and sitting in the back of a moped powered open top van travelling through the streets of Adana, suspending the everyday-if only for a moment. Finally I complete the performance in the gallery window. Sometimes as still as a mannequin and then suddenly springing to life and song.

 © 2018 by Mustafa Boga