Pearlie Frisch (b. 1986, Switzerland)

Waiting for Exposure


Using the ever-present sun in Adana, Pearlie Frisch employed a photographic technique that only requires light sensitive paint. The paper used for printing is coated with special paint and the visual content (in this case: the photo that was taken) is printed on a sheet of acetate. The acetate is then placed on the coated paper, flattened with a piece of glass, and placed directly in the sun for exposure. This process takes a few minutes until the paint changes its colour and reveals the photograph.


The artwork Pearlie Frisch is showing at Moda, Adana, shows the aforementioned working process: shot on a rooftop, waiting for the exposure of a print of a woman wearing a veil. The picture sits on a cushion and leans against a rusty metal beam. In the background, shadows are cast from what appear to be contemporary garments, juxtaposing a woman who seems to be derived from another time. The woman in the frame seems absent as her face is turned, as if she was hiding herself away. She seems to exist somewhere else, detached from this setup of everyday objects.

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